Accelerate your email campaigns with Salesforce CMS Sync

Personalized email campaigns are a driving force behind delivering connected digital experiences. But behind the scenes, marketers know that deploying such digital marketing campaigns requires time-consuming work curating content that’s relevant, pixel-perfect, and compliant for each individual user.

Fortunately, with Salesforce CMS Sync, the solution is at your fingertips.

Content is the fuel for your marketing engine

We all know content is the fuel that powers your marketing engine. And in order for your engine to work properly, your content needs to be aligned across all your digital touch points, including your website, commerce storefront, social media, ads, and email campaigns. This is what creates that seamless, connected experience across every touchpoint for your customers.

But this is easier said than done.

This entire lifecycle of content creation, curation, compliance and approval is not only complex, but time-consuming. On top of it, if your content is siloed across your channels, it often results in a disconnected customer experience that is rarely timely or personalized.

That’s where the power of a content management system connected to your marketing automation system comes into play.

Salesforce CMS is your fuel station

Not all content management systems are built the same. The benefit of Salesforce CMS is that it’s a hybrid content management system, meaning it provides native content management capabilities to nearly all of the digital touchpoints within the Salesforce Customer 360 platform while also providing a headless architecture to seamlessly integrate with other third-party systems.

Why is that valuable?

Because not only are you able to easily create, manage and syndicate content from one centralized location, but you’re also able to drive personalization across high-scale, secure sites while gaining deep insights into content performance within Salesforce CRM.

The missing fuel dispenser

Although Salesforce provides many out-of-the-box integrations for its CMS with some of its own channels like Commerce Cloud, Experience Cloud, Lightning Email Builder and Heroku, as it stands there is no native way to syndicate the CMS content into Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has its own content management studio, which allows marketers to create, upload and curate content to some extent. But it’s only limited to the Marketing Cloud channel. What if you wanted to use the same content for your e-commerce storefront to power your digital experiences in Experience Cloud? You can’t unless you build a connector to consume the content from Marketing Cloud.

Similarly, if you’re using Salesforce CMS as a centralized content repository and utilizing that content across you commerce storefront, you wouldn’t be able to leverage that same content in your marketing campaigns.

It’s a gap that Salesforce recognized and turned to Horizontal Digital to solve.

Enter CMS Sync: The new Marketing Cloud fuel dispenser

CMS Sync gives marketers access to their branded, pre-approved and compliant content that lives in Salesforce CMS and automatically makes it available within Marketing Cloud. No more downloading content from CMS and uploading it into Marketing Cloud just to find out that a pixel is out of place or the text doesn’t line up.

CMS Sync, a cross-platform application, was built for markets to easily drag and drop content from Salesforce CMS into their Marketing Cloud emails to help deploy campaigns as swiftly as possible.

Syncing content to drive connected experiences

When your content is seamlessly integrated into all your digital channels and platforms, you’re able to accelerate your content strategy to drive truly connected digital experiences. With CMS Sync, you’re able to do exactly that.

CMS Sync delivers on the promise of building and deploying hyper-personalized omni-channel campaigns by eliminating the hassle of downloading and uploading content through its rich set of features.

Learn more during the Salesforce + Horizontal joint webinar

Learn how you can leverage CMS Sync to accelerate your email campaigns and drive personalized, omni-channel experiences during our webinar. Salesforce and Horizontal Digital are teaming up on Thursday, December 16th to give you a behind-the-scenes look and answer your questions in real-time. We’ll see you there!