New Marketing Cloud Features: Just Launched; Summarized Here!

The June 2021 Marketing Cloud release is now live and includes a ton of useful new features, many of which align with a hyper charged focus on data and analytics. As busy marketers, we don’t always have time to keep up with every release and new feature, so I’ve summarized some key areas included in the release—as well as some of my personal favorites.

Key Features, Translated:

  • Salesforce CDP Enhancements: Formerly known as Customer 360 Audiences, Salesforce CDP allows you to connect customer data in a single platform. This category combines a variety of enhancements such as the ability to connect an interaction studio account from Salesforce CDP, real-time data updates, the addition of Einstein Engagement data and the ability to create data streams from your mobile apps and websites.
  • Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud—Advanced: Includes four cross-channel apps, most notably, a Marketing Insights dashboard for Sales Cloud. *This is an additional add-on product that’s worth looking into with your account executive.
  • Datorama: CDP Connector: Load your data from Salesforce CDP into Datorama with the Salesforce CDP API connector and app.
  • Einstein for Marketing Enhancements:
    • Pardot: ‘Send Time Optimization’ allows you to send list emails to individual prospects at their preferred times.
    • Marketing Cloud: ‘Einstein Copy Insights’ can analyze subject lines and predict how they’ll perform before sending.
  • Pardot: Accounts as Campaign Members: Add accounts as campaign members from related lists and create standard and custom reports to track their engagement.
  • Advertising Studio Enhancements: New lead capture error detail view. *To use this feature you need Datorama Reports Advanced, Advertising Studio credentials, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads credentials.

My Favorites

  1. Advertising Studio Lead Capture ‘New Lead Capture Error Detail View’ shows a list of failed leads, associated lead form error details, and the lead failure date. You can use this information to resolve formatting and other errors. You can also bulk retry failed leads. Previously, there were little to no details explaining why leads failed, making it difficult to troubleshoot.
  2. Email Studio Optional Features for CAN-SPAM Compliance Profile Link Check, Physical Address Check, and Unsubscribe Link Check are three new Email Studio setup options that enable admins to have direct control over these compliance settings—previously controlled by creating a support ticket. This will be especially useful for customers using a custom preference center in one or more business units.

If you’d like to connect with us to learn how you can better leverage these enhancements, we’re happy to do so.