Controlling Sitecore’s isLanguageFallbackValid cache size

Hi everybody,

I ended up doing some digging today and thought I’d share my findings.  I’m working with a client who’s 8.2 Sitecore instance is filling up the isLanguageFallbackValid cache and then some.  This cache size appears to be controlled via Sitecore’s “Caching.SmallCacheSize” setting.  I thought I’d share as a quick Google search didn’t immediately reveal anything.

While we’re on the subject of caching and sizing I should probably mention the “Caching.DisableCacheSizeLimits” setting.  Disabling the cache size limit can be a great way to see what your Sitecore instance is actually using so you can plan accordingly (via /sitecore/admin/cache.aspx).  Whether or not you can leave this set on is another matter.  This article by Uli Weltersbach is worth a read: