Creating a Standard Values Provider to Pull Values From Another Item

Standard values, standard values, standard values.  Those 2 little words were pounded into my head during Sitecore training.  “Use to set default values on newly created Sitecore items.”  “Always create standard values.”  That’s great, got it.  But what happens if you want to pull those values from somewhere else?

In order to override standard values we need to change our Standard Values Provider to a custom one.  For the sake of this exercise, I will create a custom provider that will return a random guid for a particular field.

1st step.  Write our custom Standard Values Provider.  Our class needs to set a base class of StandardValuesProvider.  Once that is set up, we need to override the GetStandardValue method.  In that function is where we can set our logic for the value we want to return.  (see code example)

[code language=”csharp”]
namespace Demo
public class CustomStandardValuesProvider : StandardValuesProvider
public override string GetStandardValue(Sitecore.Data.Fields.Field field)
//check to see if this is the field we want to override the value for
if (field.ID == ID.Parse("{1B7CCE21-BB8E-499E-A837-7AFF431FD705}"))
//we want to handle this field, return a new Guid (as a string)
return Guid.NewGuid().ToString();

//if we fall through return the base
return base.GetStandardValue(field);

2nd step.  Patch our new provider into the configuration.  Never modify the Sitecore config files unless you absolutely have to.  Always use patch files.

[code language=”xml”]
<configuration xmlns:patch="">
<add name="sitecore" type="Demo.CustomStandardValuesProvider, Demo" patch:instead="add[@type=’Sitecore.Data.StandardValuesProvider, Sitecore.Kernel’]"></add>


Real world example.

Recently while working on a project, I needed the ability to pull standard values from a common location.  In our solution, we have a common item, which is referenced by multiple other items in the tree (site items).  (Think of a product catalog with a common product item that has values that are shared across multiple site items).  We wanted one place for content authors to manage common data for these items, however make it easy for developers to access those values.  On our “site items”, we have standard values for certain fields coming from this common item.  When retrieving data for that item, we only need to concern ourselves with the site item, and don’t need to get data from those referenced items.