Datasource Workflow Module

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I have been working in sitecore all the way since version 6.0 and the way that the sitecore solutions are being designed have also been evolved. At Horizontal Integration, one of the standards we enforce in our solutions is ensuring we develop around the concept of Component Based Architecture. Jens Mikkelsen has a great blog talking about this topic.

Over the years, Sitecore also have tremendously improved the Experience Editor (a.k.a Page Editor) experience and allowing content editors to author and manage their work via a WYSIWIG interface.

You may think that all this is good but what it has to anything to do with this blog post?

As we embraced component based approach in our solutions enabling the authors to leverage experience editor to add/manage all the components on the fly, everything was great until content governance and workflow came into the picture.

A lot of content editors who are editing and managing their website in Experience Editor often complain about managing the components/data source workflow on the item itself where the components are placed. for example you have page called “News” and the content author places a component onto the page called “Awards”. Now in order for the “Awards” component to be published and visible on the live site, the author will have to navigate away from the “News” item, go the “Awards” item and then approve the “Awards” item via workflow. This often causes confusion where the editor does not know the path or does not even know that the “Awards” component is not in a final workflow state and will not be visible even after publishing the “News” item.

Challenge : Provide a way for content author to manage the workflow of all the data source components on the item itself.

Solution : as the saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”, so here in a snapshot what the Datasource Workflow Module does.

The below image shows that the Experience Editor now adds the capability to manage the workflow of the data source components right on the item itself


The below image shows that the module also supports the Content Editor


The module also ships with a validation action which allows us to restrict the content editor from accidentally approving the item when the data source items are in pending workflow state


Validation Warning

Module Implementation Details

Supports : Sitecore 7.0 through Sitecore 8.0 Update 5

The gist of the module relies on getting the list of data source items from the item presentation details, my colleague Brent Svac who co developed this module with me has written a series of blog post on how to get a list of data source items from a item.

How to Programmatically Get Datasource Items of a Sitecore Item

Programmatically Get Personalization Datasource Items of a Sitecore Item

Programmatically Get Multi Variate Test Datasource Items of a Sitecore Item

As you can see from the above blog posts that we not only took  the datasource items present on the item, but also took into account the personalized data source and Multi variate test data sources into account.

Once we have the list of data source items , then all we need is to tap into the getPageEditorNotifications pipeline to output the required notifications in the experience editor


For the content editor notifications, we need to tap into the getContentEditorWarnings pipeline to output the required notifications in the content editor


One interesting thing about the module that only contains 3 files and can be easily maintained

Include Config File : Website\App_Config\Include\Z_EditorDataSourceWorkflowNotifications.config

DLL : Website\bin\HI.Shared.DataSourceWorkflowModule.dll

Sitecore Item : /sitecore/system/Settings/Validation Rules/Item Rules/Item/Components in Final Workflow State

Please get the module here

Version 7.0 through 7.2 :

Version 7.5 and Version 8.0 (Update 1 to 5) :

If you like to contribute or like to have access to the source code, here is the link