Sitecore DMS : Set up Maxmind Webservice for Geo IP Lookup

Sitecore out of the box uses Maxmind Web Service Provider for its Geo IP Lookup , In this post we will go over the process of setting up Maxmind with Sitecore.

STEP 1 : Purchase Maxmind IP lookups 

The first step would be purchasing MaxMind-Sitecore Integrated Web Service Queries through this link. The cost of 500,000 lookups is about $400, but you could purchase as little as 62,500 queries for $50.

STEP 2 : Generate License Key

The License key consists of 22 Digits which are further broken down into 14 Digits Sitecore License ID and 8 Digits Numeric Security Key, The default value of the 8 digit security key is “Eight Zeroes”. 

The 14 digit Sitecore License ID can be found on your Sitecore Page as shown in the image below


The 8 Digit security key can be configured by clicking here on the Maxmind site

Step 3 : Testing your 22 Digits License Key

Once you have configured the license key we will now test if sitecore is appropriately working with maxmind

Navigate to this URL :{IP Address to Lookup}&l={22 Digits License Key}

{IP Address to Lookup} : Enter the IP Address you are trying to lookup
{22 Digits License Key} : Enter the License key configured in Step 2

The format of the maxmind response is defined by the “MaxMind.Format” setting in the Sitecore.Analytics config file

The default response would be in this format “Country,Region,City,PostalCode,Latitude,Longitude,MetroCode,AreaCode,Isp,Owner,Error” 

A successful look up should return something like this (See image below)


The response below would indicate an issue with the security key which either can be incorrect license ID or Incorrect security key


The response below would indicate that the IP address which you are trying to look up is either an Private IP , Restricted IP or Maxmind does not have data about the supplied IP address.You may also receive this error if you do not supply an IP address at all


For more information about the formats please visit this link on maxmind website

Step 4 : Modify Sitecore.Analytics config file with the 8 Digit Security Key

Navigate to this setting  “MaxMind.SecurityToken” in your Sitecore.Analytics config file and replace the value “00000000” to your 8 digits security code

Now your Sitecore is set up with Maxmind Web Service Lookup

Should you have any questions, Please do not hesitate to comment or email me at