Consultant Spotlight: Bob, Sr. Project Manager/Program Manager and Scrum Master

It’s still May, and that means we’re continuing to highlight more of our amazing consultants. 
They’re passionate about everything they do, and we think they are a terrific resource if you’re thinking about consulting as a career. We’re hoping their interviews offer a unique perspective that may help answer questions about what this career path is like

Please meet Bob Eckert. Bob is a Sr. Project Manager/Program Manager and Scrum Master at a global healthcare solutions company based in Minnesota. Currently, Bob is leading two separate teams. “We’re assessing 46 applications (in Commercial) to determine if any of the applications need to be modified based on the New Global Operating Model. In the Quality space, we’re assessing what needs to be revised in two enterprise applications.” 

Bob spent 34 years in a full-time role for small business financial services company before he decided to give consulting a shot. “I always wanted to try contract work, and this gave me the opportunity to do so,” Bob said of his time with Horizontal Talent.  

Curiosity is key 

“Toward the end of my career, I started asking some of my friends what it was like to be a contractor, and they encouraged me that I would be a great fit,” Bob said. That, and his desire to learn new tools, processes and cultures, ultimately led Bob towards pursuing contract work.

Since then, Bob has had five separate contracts at some of the biggest companies in Minnesota, each ranging from three-and-a-half years to nine months in length. He said it was contracting that got his foot in the door at these companies as well. “I think a contracting firm can get your foot in the door, and both parties can determine if you’re a good fit over a period of time,” which is critical.  

Culture matters 

Just like full-time work, a company’s brand and culture also matter to consultants. “I have companies I don’t want to work for, and use that list as my guide,” Bob said. “Generally, they’re companies that have had a lot of churn and toxic culture.

The recruiter relationship is important  

When choosing a staffing agency to work with, Bob says the recruiter relationship is an important one. “You need to get to know each other and then build that trust and relationship. I’ve been fortunate to be with Horizontal Talent for a long time and have been able to work with the same recruiter and process for that time,” he said. “I’ve had calls from many different recruiters, and you can tell by the initial questions if they’re interested in you and finding a good fit or if you’re just a number.”   

Bob’s biggest piece of advice? If you’re curious whether consulting may be a fit for you, give it a shot.  “Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” he said.  


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