Einstein AI Summit 2019

Listening to all of the hype, buzz, and predictions around Artificial Intelligence over the last few years, I’ve turned into the kid in the backseat of the car on the long road trip to Disneyland.

“Are we there yet? … Are we there yet?”

Well, kids, when it comes to Artificial Intelligence, we are there!

I got to see it up close and personal at Salesforce’s Einstein AI Summit in San Francisco this week. Only a select few Salesforce partners were selected to sit down with the individual product owners of the Einstein AI products and collaborate on how the products move forward. I was honored to be in the company of great Salesforce partners such as Accenture, Deloitte, Bluewolf, and DEG.

Here’s a list of the products where I was lucky enough to peek behind the curtain:

(Products we discussed)
Einstein Prediction Builder
Einstein Discovery
Einstein Next Best Action
Einstein Bots
Einstein Voice
Einstein Language

There were more features than I can list with each of these products, but here’s a few of the business problems these tools will help solve in the coming years…

Likelihood to Purchase, Repeat Business, Churn / Attrition, Next Best Actions, Equipment Up Time, Employee Attrition, Cost Reduction, Time to Close, Matching Candidates, Customer Lifetime Value, Margin

However, there are two that really stuck out to me. I believe they both will be absolute game-changers for many businesses who use Salesforce.

  • Einstein Discovery has been my personal favorite product to talk about so far, the possibilities with the tool is endless for a business user in Salesforce! A majority of the use cases above can be done through Discovery and the right type of information in Salesforce. Discovery is more than just a model builder; Discovery starts with trying to understand hidden details in your data and helping the business user make heads or tails of next steps. Have you looked at a spreadsheet or a dump of data and just not been able to get to the level of detail you’d like?
    • Discovery makes it easy to develop an understanding of what is happening with your data and then creates models to surface insights to your customer; such as how to improve the likelihood for an action to happen.

  • Einstein Bots is another great investment area in your overall customer experience. With Einstein Bots you can allow your customer an additional channel to quickly communicate with you; use cases span from customer service to FAQ. Einstein Bots gives you an easy UI to build conversational NLP bots that can be easily created and quickly iterated on.
    • One of the best features we walked through today was the Bot Training Game; this game allows you to take actual phrases a consumer says to your bot, that at the time weren’t understood, and train the bot on what the intent of the sentence was. This is HUGE! Not only do you learn what your actual customers are trying to say to you, but it takes the excel based labeling retraining game out of the picture.


As if this wasn’t cool enough…we also got a sneak peak into the roadmap of the products and were able to collaborate with the product owners on what we’re hearing from our clients.

We’ll be working closely with these product managers over the next several months on your behalf!

If you have ideas of how you’d like to use AI with your Salesforce data, reach out to us and we’ll be sure to pass the idea along!
Please email us at: askhi@horizontalintegration.com
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