Sitecore + Salesforce Marketing Cloud solves marketers’ biggest problem

This person exists in every marketing organization.

She’s brilliant, ambitious, and more technically savvy than her leaders. She writes, she posts, she uploads, she edits, she advises, she keeps things moving, always… She’s the absolute lynchpin of your day-to-day marketing operations.

It seems like she can do it all. But, there’s one thing she’s not doing…and it’s killing your ability to create long term, scalable success for your marketing program.

She’s not innovating.

She’s stuck in an operational rut, working in disparate systems, uploading photos, editing emails, sending SMS messages, downloading and uploading .csv files of disparate data points, and building journeys…all day long.

Her “to-do” list always growing, forcing skipped lunches and evening working sessions, just to hit deadlines.

This is the absolute worst place for your most talented employees to be. We need her on the front-lines of marketing innovation, bringing back new ideas, testing, and figuring out when and where it makes sense to bring in new technology.

The amazing power and growth of marketing technologies has been a blessing and a curse to the everyday marketer. One one hand, we’re creating amazing content and have the ability to distribute to massive and dynamic audiences. However, the systems rarely fit together nicely into a consistent workflow, creating far too much time pushing buttons and never-ending to-do lists.

This is why the Salesforce Marketing Cloud – Sitecore connector is so important.

The connector is still in its infancy – but has already begun saving time for the frazzled marketer. Phase one of the connector enabled marketers to upload an image once that can immediately propagate to the two marketing platforms using shared folders. This sounds basic, but if you’re a marketer responsible for creating emails and web content – the amount of time in your day spent uploading photos was just cut in half.

Her “to-do” list shrinks just a bit.

The image functionality shows us just a sliver of what’s possible – it’s in the roadmap where we see potential for tectonic shifts for “boots on the ground” marketers.

Coming soon will the ability to integrate site data into Marketing Cloud campaigns, trigger journeys based on web site behavior, and enhanced content sharing capabilities between the the marketing and website platforms.

The technology that powers these integrations is simply an enabler. The true value of this monumental partnership will come from the creativity of marketers who aren’t shackled down by their to-do list and have a marketing platform that can be grown over time, instead of just maintained.

As we look at the vision Salesforce and Sitecore have laid out, we have visions of marketers lighting their to-do lists on fire, opening a new era of innovation.


Salesforce, Sitecore