How Soft Skills Can Give You the ‘IT’ Factor

Men sitting around a desk looking at their computers

While possessing the technical skills and experience that meet the requirements of coveted IT and engineering positions is essential, there are skills not often listed in the job requirements that can set you apart from other candidates. The 2018 Workplace Learning Report by LinkedIn conducted a survey of those responsible for identifying and developing talent finding that soft skills were highly valued.

While rarely the central focus of a job description which tends to emphasize technical skills, soft skill such as effective communication, emotional intelligence, and the ability to work as a team player are critical. While these traits may not be explicitly discussed in an interview, they are often being evaluated by recruiters and hiring managers.

In applying for your next position, let the positive aspects of your personality shine. Remember, you will be working alongside other people who like you are more than merely a set of technical skills.  The ability to communicate and work effectively with your would-be supervisors and teammates will position you for success not only for the immediate position for which you are applying, but throughout your career.

Source: TechServe Alliance


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